Smartwatch with GPS tracker

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Connected to
Download the Durcal app and locate your relatives with the GPS smartwatch
Connected to

Connected to Durcal app

Check where’s your family member, who wears the smartwatch, from the app.
Furthermore, your whole family could download the app and take care of him for free.

Provided with a help button connected to Movistar Prosegur Alarms

Once the button is tapped, the emergency center will call your family member’s smartwatch to check everything is fine.

Comfort for you, safety for yours

Microphone, speaker and coverage

The smartwatch coverage allows receiving emergency calls and reply them without phone, thanks to its built-in microphone and speaker.

Smart falling alert

If a fall occurs, the smartwatch will automatically detect it and send an alert to the family via app.

Vital signs analysis

The smartwatch sensors detect the pulse and blood oxygen, so you can track them via app.

Other features

Steps and routes monitoring

Check your family daily activity.

Arrival and exit alerts

Receive a notification when they arrive or leave their usual places.